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When you enroll, you’ll get a custom box, lovingly packed and shipped to you, that includes a nutritious and scrumptious meal plan, energizing supplements, and a beautiful “tour guide” to plan your 3-Day detox staycation full of nourishment, pampering, and pleasure!

This detox isn’t just about ridding toxins from your diet. It’s about ditching stress, anxiety, and negative energy so you can return feeling recharged and ready to take on real-life again!

Our 3-Day Detox is a self-care weekend curated just for you. 

You don’t need to blow your salary on a jet-setting destination every time you need a dose of self-care. Nor do you need to painfully starve yourself for a week just to shed a few pounds.

Exhausted from lack of sleep and an overbooked schedule? Tired of snatching greasy take-out food after work and never having time to make it to your favorite spin class?

Good news, girl friend! 

A 3-Day Mind & Body Detox with Epic Staycation Vibes

3 DAy Detox


from kayleen

“I have done the 3-Day Detox four times. And each time I do it, I lose between 3-5 lbs and have way more energy when I’m done! I love that I always feel full when I’m doing it (most detoxes I feel hungry all the time). And huge bonus, my skin just glows every time I do it”

"Each time I Do it, I lose between 3-5 lbs and have way more energy when I’m done!"

from aubree

“I lost 6 pounds from the 3-Day Detox!!! And 1.5 inches off my belly. I was so motivated by how quickly the scale was dropping that I decided to ride my bike to work too! And I wasn’t hungry, I often I didn’t even finish my dinner. I think the biggest win for me was the motivation to keep eating better and drop the last few pounds.”

"I was so motivated by how quickly the scale was dropping"

from cynthia

“I’ve done the 3-Day Detox twice and both times I’ve lost over 10 pounds (to be fair, I’ve got more to lose). After the detox, my energy was up and I slept so much better.”

"After the detox, my energy was up and I slept so much better."

Enroll in the 3-Day Detox for only $70 (plus shipping) and get back to GLOWING from the inside-out, right away! 



A custom-curated plan by a certified coach to create your healthy, happily ever after. 

When you enroll in Slay-belles, you’ll be swept off your feet with:

When it comes to your health, you are the sum of the people around you. Wouldn’t it be amazing to meet a group of new friends with similar goals? A girl gang who make otherwise grueling workouts feel as magical as Christmas morning?

If so, then Slay-belles is for you. 

A VIP Group Experience.

Join this swoon-worthy group of women and get healthier, happier and more energized than ever before (while having a total blast in the process). 



what you get

Meal-prep videos that teach you how to take out countless hours off preparation and still not eat the same thing all week (gag).

An online library of fun at-home workouts that will have you bursting in excitement to take that #sweatyselfie, rather than it feeling like a soul-sucking chore.

Motivational challenges (with prizes!) that will get your heart racing faster than those hunky guys in all the Hallmark Christmas movies.

PLUS the most supportive group of digital besties a gal can dream of.

Slay-belles is much more than an ONLINE SUPPORT GROUP FOR YOUR

goals. it's the group of women you've              longed for, who help you                 you, and remind you that no matter what life throws at you, you've got this,                          

health and fitness



girl friend.

Studies show that women tackle their health and fitness goals much easier when they have a built-in accountability system. 

And if you’re feeling a little jittery about meeting new friends online, we #feelyou. 

but here's the thing...

Sharing those nagging insecurities with people you know IRL can feel extremely scary. But sharing them with complete strangers? So much easier. Because you’re meeting all of these women for the first time, they have no preconceived notions or judgment. 


why an online support group is

You get to start fresh and write a new chapter of your life, together.

But, Slay-belles isn’t just some accountability check box.

This community feels like your secret hideaway to get support and encouragement when you need it most. You'll light up every morning, excited to check-in, and dole out virtual high-fives to your favorite gals!

from kerry

“There is so much love and inspiration from all the members. It’s so good to have those connections with people who are working on themselves right along with you. It’s the people in our group that inspire me. They are all at different places in this journey and I admire each of them for who they are and being willing to be real and share exactly where they’re at.”

"It’s the people in our group that inspire me."



from tammy

“Last year, I was diagnosed with Lupus so this has been a very challenging time in my life. Despite it all in the group, I have lost 66 lbs in 7 months. Lindsey and the group have supported me through it all. I’ve had a total physical but also inner transformation too. This group has made me have more confidence, I’m happier, and thinking more positive. I had a complete lifestyle transformation. I have a lot more energy now too. I haven’t been this size in 20 years! It feels good that I can wear such nice clothes now. It makes me feel better about myself and I have a lot more confidence. Everyone cheers everyone on. It’s a no judgement zone. It’s a very positive place to be. Lindsey is the best. She checks in with you frequently and inspires you to genuinely want to improve your health.”

" I haven’t been this size in 20 years!"



from kelly

“When I started with Lindsey, I was struggling to reach a healthy weight and I knew I wanted to do it the right way. Not only have I gained the weight, I even did a bikini fitness competition! Not only do I look better, I feel amazing! As someone with Rheumatoid arthritis, I’ve been able to keep from having flare ups, stay pain free, and most importantly, I’ve learned from Lindsey how to handle my daily stress in a healthier way. I was once a quiet ‘just watch people’ kinda girl, and since starting with Lindsey, I have built up my self-confidence and my self-esteem and I’m not hiding anymore. This has turned into a lifestyle that I have fallen in love with which includes being a certified fitness instructor leading my own local community workouts as a way to pay forward what I’ve learned from Lindsey.”

"Not only do I look better, I feel amazing!"





what's the investment?

As your certified coach, I’ll conduct a detailed health assessment and together we’ll put together a custom package that’s feels just right for you. 

Girl, it’s time to surround yourself with women who are going to lift you higher.