How to Use Auto-Suggestion for Immediate Success

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Auto-suggestion, one of the primary principles in Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich” and Bob Proctor’s success formula, is the way in which we influence our subconscious through self-talk. Somewhat like self-hypnosis, auto-suggestion is a powerful tool for any entrepreneur’s success… and one that I use frequently!

So what is auto-suggestion and does it really work?

Auto-suggestion is a way to feed your mind with information geared toward creating specific beliefs. Affirmations are a perfect example of auto-suggestion. When repeated continually in a relaxed, trance-like state, affirmations embed in the subconscious mind and propel positive beliefs.

But auto-suggestion is more than just words. Turns out affirmations, when repeated regularly and with intent, build and strengthen neural pathways. Neuroplasticity is the ongoing formation of the brain and can be influenced throughout life – no matter your age – with thoughts, behaviors and external factors like nutrition. So basically, our thoughts can actually change the structure of our brains and strengthen the areas of the brain we are activating through our affirmations. By practicing positive thoughts and patterns we greatly enhance the chance of those thoughts becoming real. Crazy, right?

Creating affirmations in line with your goals – and ultimate dreams – makes auto-suggestion a powerful tool for any entrepreneur’s success. What you believe is what you become, and embedded negative beliefs may sabotage even your best attempts without you understanding why.

For myself, creating affirmations and repeating them daily – as well as being conscious of how I speak to and of myself – has been a vital component to my recent success. Along with imagination, faith and joining forces with a mastermind, I believe auto-suggestion is a necessary daily action for long-term success.

How to Create Your Own Affirmations

First, you know you need to build an auto-suggestion habit when you experience any of the following:

• Talk down or negatively about or to yourself
• Lack self-confidence
• Find excuses not to pursue something
• Rely on other people’s opinions too much
• Feel in a slump or somewhat negative

If you do notice yourself in any of these feeling states, I highly recommend you create a few affirmations you can repeat daily.

Step 1: Desire + Faith

You must have a burning desire and unrelenting faith in order for your affirmations to work. That doesn’t mean you won’t have days where you doubt your ability – we all do! – but it does mean you will continue to take steps toward your goals and dreams even in the face of doubt and fear. Your affirmations will be of great support to you on your hardest days!

Step 2: Be Specific

State what it is you want and by what date you want it by. Some people prefer to get specific with how it happens while others leave it more open-ended, allowing the Universe to show up in unexpected ways. For example you could say: By January 1st I have $50,000 in the bank from various income sources. In return for this money I will offer [your services] with utmost proficiency and passion.

You may embellish further if you wish but the most important aspects are being 1) clear with what you desire 2) setting a deadline and 3) speaking in the present tense.

Step 3: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!

Morning and night is often the most beneficial while others prefer to repeat it multiple times throughout the day. Don’t feel shy to incorporate your affirmations in everyday activities! I’ve known people who’ve repeated them during workouts, meditation and even in the mirror every morning while getting ready for their day. Repetition causes those old, negative, worn-out beliefs to disappear and be replaced with your affirmation

Step 4: Take Action

Speaking affirmations won’t be enough to fill your bank account overnight, but over time repetition builds belief, which opens the eyes and ears to opportunities that perhaps were once hidden from view. By taking daily actions toward your goals, alongside the mental and emotional tools to keep you focused on your success, creates momentum.

Last but Not Least…

Affirmations are just one tool in a box of unlimited resources at your disposal to make whatever you desire a reality. Whether it’s visualization, auto-suggestion, a mastermind of like-minded men or women, or your faith in what’s to come, any and all of these can help propel you forward. The real key is to combine all these elements to catapult your success that much faster!

Your Turn: What’s your favorite affirmation? Share it in the comments below!

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