Top 10 Podcasts for Personal Development

podcasts for personal development

Do you listen to podcasts? It took me a little while to get into them, but now I can’t stop listening! There is a wealth of information from a variety of resources online and podcasts are a great way to dig through all the content. Plus, they help you align with teachers and experts that better suit your needs and desires! Everyday I listen to at least one podcast and felt the need to share with you the top 10 personal development podcasts that have helped me grow my business – and level up my life – these last few years.

Why Are Podcasts So Popular?

If you don’t think you have the time or energy to listen to a podcast, think again. Podcasts are a great way to get daily doses of inspiration, motivation and know-how. By downloading them to your smartphone or computer, you can literally listen from anywhere!

The surge in podcast popularity is not a coincidence these past few years. Since blogs were once the activity du jour, it seems podcasts are the new must for any business. Popular podcasts are more than just business-based, though – they are also pure entertainment. Everyone from stand-up comedians to storytellers are sharing online, making literally thousands of topics and interests available to listeners like us.

How To Start Listening To – And Find – Podcasts

A very popular platform is of course iTunes. With over thousands of podcasts to choose from in a variety of categories, you can peruse just about any interest you have in their search bar. Popular podcasts will come up first, as well as recommendations.

If you have a smartphone such as an iPhone, or you use iTunes on your desktop, click Subscribe next to the podcast you want to follow and new episodes will automatically be added to your listening queue. Whenever you pull up the podcast application on your phone, or iTunes on your computer, it will sync to include new episodes. You can even adjust the settings to automatically download new episodes, delete already played or only download when prompted.

The most important aspect to any podcaster is the listener’s review! Make sure to take a moment to give feedback and a rating to increase your favorite podcast’s popularity.

Other popular platforms you may want to check out are SoundCloud, Amazon S3 and Libsyn.

So how do you find great podcasts, other than through the search bar?

My favorite way is to reach out to trusted friends and family to see what they are listening to first. Great recommendations can come from unlikely places, so be open to what people share with you!

Another great place to go is your favorite blogs or websites. Usually they’ll share their own podcast information (if they have one) or list which podcasts they love (like this one!). Not sure if someone you follow or admire has a podcast? Just type their name in the search bar of iTunes and see what comes up!

My 2016 Top 10 Favorite Personal Development Podcasts

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Now I know a lot of these may seem geared towards business, but you’d be surprised at how many conversations exist around lifestyle and personal development techniques that up-level ALL areas of your life, not just your income. So though some of them may seem more business-orientated, I can guarantee you will get so many great nuggets of information throughout that will affect every corner of your existence!

Your Turn: have a favorite podcast not listed? Email me and tell me which one it is! I always love adding new podcasts to my listening list.

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