Success Spotlight: 15 Pounds in 90 Days with PiYo

amanda rinaldi

This week, we’re excited to feature Amanda Rinaldi and her amazing PiYo results. Amanda went from barely getting to the gym twice a month to a motivated and super fit PiYo fan while working with Lindsey one-on-one. We’re astounded and in awe of Amanda’s success and we’re thrilled she wanted to share her results with you, our readers! Take it away Amanda…

Like most people, I never was a big fan of working out. I thought it was annoying to have to get up, go to the gym, workout, shower, and get ready for work. To be honest I always dreaded it! That left me getting to the gym less than a handful of times per month, twice at most.

It wasn’t until some health issues arose that had me take my body – and health – very seriously.

I was working on improving my diet and finding ways to get healthy when I was approached by Lindsay who saw my passion for healthy eating. She told me I would make a really good coach and mentor for others who are struggling just like I was. The idea was so intoxicating and after some thought, I decided to go full in and dive into the world of fitness and good eating with PiYo and Shakeology.

How PiYo Changed My Priorities

PiYo is great because it’s not crazy intense. It was easy on my joints and ideally I saw myself doing PiYo for many years, even into my 90s! That is what attracted me the most: how accessible and low-impact this workout can be, allowing for people like myself to really enjoy the process of getting fit once and for all.

Working my way through the program wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. In fact, the experience was very enjoyable and with Lindsay’s guidance I was able to complete 90 days of PiYo very easily. I was shocked at how I went from barely getting to the gym to an everyday kind of workout woman!

The Pros and Cons

My greatest struggle at first was getting used to the exercises. As low-impact as these workouts are, they are tough for a beginner (especially the balance poses!). I had to slowly push through with the modified version until I was ready enough to tackle the real moves.

My greatest victory however was in conjunction to doing PiYo. Being able to more easily do other activities without feeling burnt out, tired, sore, or just generally “blah” was the real game changer. I felt so good. I ran two 5Ks with little problems, which is saying a lot about my increased skill level!

The Results Speak For Themselves

Those health issues I mentioned earlier? Gone!

I lost a total of 15 pounds and 4.5 inches from my waist while gaining a ton of energy from drinking Shakeology. I am not only happier but healthier and it’s awesome to have a supportive network of people around me cheering me on. The positivity is so infectious, I can’t imagine my life without these inspirational people!

It’s great that I can fit a workout in before going to work (or even without having to step out of my house for a while!) and am not forced into a workout at the gym that doesn’t compliment my workout preferences or style. I highly recommend PiYo for anyone who prefers relatively short workouts that aren’t focused on high intensity cardio or weight lifting.

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