Skin Essentials: Makeup Expiration Tips To Know

makeup expiration

Makeup expiration matters! If you are a woman and you wear makeup, did you know that expired makeup can cause some serious problems to otherwise healthy skin? If you are reading this blog, I know you value keeping your body, mind and spirit in optimal health. Making sure you eat right, drink enough water and get enough sleep are all vital components to a well-lived life. Question is, when was the last time you did a quality control check on your makeup bag?

As someone who loves a fresh face, I’m a big fan of a simple makeup look and a filled-in brow. I have a few makeup favorites that are applied no matter what, while others are only used for special occasions or a girl’s night out. That being said, the other day I realized I may not be putting my best face forward (so to speak).

I keep my body lean with daily workouts and clean eating, my mind right with self-development books, and my spirit lit up with doing what I love on a daily basis. But putting old makeup on my face? That just didn’t add up!

Makeup Expiration Dates to Remember

Putting makeup on past its prime is a real no-no for that fresh-faced look. It’s also very bad for your pores. Zits, uneven application, eye infections and even rashes have been known to make an appearance from old, dirty makeup and tools. Whether it’s an outdated eyeliner or beloved foundation from years gone by, expired makeup is kind of gross.

Mascara: 2-3 Months

Every swipe of that brush adds more bacteria to not only the wand but also the tube. Eye irritation and redness are common side effects of a mascara gone bad! It’s best to replace every two to three months for safety’s sake.

Liquid Foundation: 6-12 Months

Love your liquid foundation? Best use it within six to twelve months from opening. Liquid foundation is typically water-based meaning bacteria loves it. Keep it out of high temperatures and a moist environment, as that speeds up bacteria growth. If it smells funny then you know it’s time to go!

Concealer: 1-2 Years

Liquid concealers last for about a year, powder up to two. If the color starts to shift or the application isn’t as easy, you know it’s done.

Powder Foundation & Blush: 2 Years

The longevity of powder foundations are impressive but be careful for those that contain botanicals or have water elements. These – as I already mentioned – can grow bacteria. Again if the color starts to shift or change when applying it’s best to trash and start new. Also, wash your brushes regularly and let air-dry completely before using.

Eye Shadow: 3 Months

Just like mascara, if you are using your eye makeup past its prime your eyes will suffer. Eye shadow should be thrown out around three months after opening. Make sure you wash your hands prior to applying if you use your fingertips.

Eye Liner: 3 Months

Watch out for the white tip! You know your eyeliner is done when a white tip can’t be sharpen off. That’s a sign that bacteria has taken hold. As with all eye makeup, it’s best to be diligent about expiration dates because the eyes can be so sensitive.

Lipstick & Gloss: 1 Year

With water not as a foundation ingredient your lip color may last a little bit longer than expected. If the color layers funny or it smells like something stale, trash it. Also, a good rule of thumb is if you’ve been sick or had a cold sore recently to also dispose and replace.

Brushes: Many Years

With good care, a quality brush you may be able to keep it in your toolbox for years to come. Once hairs start to fall out or fray it’s most likely time to replace. Giving a good clean every two weeks, and wiping down after every use, leaves your brushes lasting a very long time!

Your Turn: have a favorite makeup that you just can’t throw away? I know I do! I’d love to hear what you just can’t part with below.

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