Home Design Series: Wow With a Well-Designed Guest Bedroom

This new series shares my design tips and tricks for every room of the house. After multiple compliments on the layout and feel of my home, I wanted to share with you simple and chic ways to update your own home. Enjoy! There is nothing like welcoming friends or family to your home and nothing { read more… }

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How to Use Auto-Suggestion for Immediate Success

Auto-suggestion, one of the primary principles in Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich” and Bob Proctor’s success formula, is the way in which we influence our subconscious through self-talk. Somewhat like self-hypnosis, auto-suggestion is a powerful tool for any entrepreneur’s success… and one that I use frequently! So what is auto-suggestion and does it really { read more… }

category: Entrepreneurship


Celebrity Spotlight: Missy Elliott & T25

  Many people think you need a full-time personal trainer to get in shape like today’s celebs.  Celebrity Spotlight is a feature where we highlight how celebrities use the same Beachbody programs that you can access in order to stay in top shape!     Rapper Missy Elliott has been making a comeback, and she { read more… }

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Ditch the Sugar: An Easy Detox Guide for the Addicted

I’ve got a serious sweet tooth and if you are anything like me, then indulging in sweets might be one of your favorite past-times. Enjoying a piece of fruit or dark chocolate on occasion isn’t the end of the world – in fact it can be good for you – but daily indulgences of artificial { read more… }

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