PiYo Training

Maybe you aren’t feeling so great in your clothes, you’ve let the last 10 pounds stay on too long or your confidence has taken a hit from just not feeling great.

You’re tired, stuck in a routine and needing a dash of fun and freedom to get your glow back!

If you’re nodding your head to all the above, then you’ve come to the right place.

Problem #1: No matter what you do, you just can’t seem to lose the weight

You stock your fridge with organic food and do your best to make it to that weekly spin or yoga class yet you still can’t seem to drop those extra pounds.

Problem #2: Your life is stagnant

You’ve hit a rut in the road and need some inspiration to get you back up and going. No worries, we all experience it at some point!

Problem #3: You’re worried time is running out

You can’t change careers because you’re in debt. All the good ones are taken. You’ll wake up one day full of regret.

What if you could bring back the joy, spontaneity and fun to your life, all from just a workout?

Imagine waking with energy, enjoying your work, living life to the fullest, and doing what you love the most!

It’s time to bring back that Glamour Girl Glow.

Over the course of 60 days you’ll receive the fitness training, success tips, meal plans and support that countless other women have used to their advantage and who are now living the lives of their dreams…all from just one workout!

What The Program Is


No crazy cardio. No heavy weights. Just you, your mat and a dash of determination as you move through this 60-day program.

The Program:

  • The flexibility of yoga
  • The sculpting power of Pilates
  • Non-stop, fluid motions and no crazy balance poses
  • 60 days of specially created, low impact exercises (over 8 exercises on 3 DVDs)

You’ll receive:

  • Your own personal certified PiYo Trainer (that’s me!)
  • Meal planning advice and customizations
  • Daily access to me via text messages, emails or Facebook
  • Accountability to keep you on track
  • Small online support group to motivate and inspire
  • Opportunity for your success story to be featured on my website

Ready to get out of the rut?

Not Quite Sure

You know you need a change but you’re not sure if this is it. Learn more about PiYo, get customized meal plans and receive tips + tricks from a certified PiYo trainer to get started.

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You’re Ready To Get Fit

You know you need to lose the weight and this program is for you. Woo-hoo! Join the program with the fitness only option, minus the Shakeology.

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You’re 100% On Board

You need a life overhaul and you’re ready to get serious about living the life you dream. Congratulations! Join the program and receive Shakeology to enhance your results.

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Want to read about my personal PiYO transformation, click here. Want to see other challenge group participants real life transformations? Click here. Want to connect and talk about what might be right for you? Contact me.