PiYo Menu Planner – Week #8



When you search online, you’ll find tons of menu plans for different workouts and regimens… but once you’ve followed a plan for a month, you might start to feel bored or complacent about your food!


So I’ve decided to find PiYo-friendly meals every week that keep you motivated to stay on track while getting the flavor and variety you crave.  I’ve scoured the internet to find FIVE recipes per week for meals you can feed yourself AND your family without sacrificing nutrition or health.


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Here’s how we plan our menu…

  • Meal #1 is a Breakfast/Brunch dish, which you can eat any time of day if you choose!
  • Meal #2 is Soup or Salad, perfect for easy prep or even making things ahead.
  • Meal #3 is Meatless, perfect for a Meatless Monday or a vegetarian diet.
  • Meal #4 is a Comfort Food Makeover, a meal that is inspired by what might otherwise be “cheat” guilty pleasure meal but made PiYo friendly!
  • Meal #5 is International, bringing exotic and flavorful tastes to mind.


Meal #1: No-Bake Cherry Vanilla Protein Bars.  I like that you can make these bars and then have breakfast on-the-go, or a snack!  Definitely an easy one to plan, and you can even stick one in your kid’s lunchbox in a pinch.  PiYo Perks!  Oats, flaxseed coconut, almond milk… it’s all good stuff!  Just be sure to pick dried cherries without extra added sugars and sweeteners.

Photo and recipe via

Photo and recipe via Hummusapien



Meal #2:  Crazy Sexy Kale Salad.  The cookbook Crazy Sexy Kitchen is fantastic for vegan recipes that aren’t just healthy, but tasty!  Even my more carnivorous friends will eat these recipes.  This kale salad is one of the more simple but delicious salads in the book.   PiYo Perks!  Tons of veggies including a base of kale, healthy fat from avocado, and more.


Photo and recipe via Kris Carr


Meal #3:  Chickpea Caesar Salad Tacos.  I use corn tortillas to keep these tacos on the healthy side, and you won’t even know these are vegetarian!  The protein from the chickpeas will keep you full.  Add chicken if it’s not a meatless day for you.   PiYo Perks!  Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables!  And flavor, of course.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Skinnytaste

Photo and recipe via Keepin’ it Kind



Meal #4:  Zucchini “Meatballs”.  Yes, there are breadcrumbs in this dish (you can make some substitutions, but this is to bind it all together), but it’s way healthier than heavy meatballs!  Talk about a comfort food makeover; I have a strong connection to Italy and its food, so this gives me all the flavor without the heavy red meat “brick” in my tummy.  PiYo Perks!  Vegetables, garlic, basil, and healthy fats from olive oil.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Skinnytaste

Photo and recipe courtesy of Skinnytaste



Meal #5:  Spring Stir-Fried Chicken with Sugar Snap Peas and Carrots.  Okay, so this may not be the most “authentic” Asian dish, but for some reason I love stir-fry in the summer!  You could do it in a grill pan on your grill if you want.  Loads of Asian flavors, and much more economical than going to one of those restaurants that builds it for you.  PiYo Perks!  Lean protein in the chicken, and loads of veggies.

Photo and recipe via Skinnytaste

Photo and recipe via Skinnytaste




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