Network Marketing Success: Mother of Three Finds Her Self-Confidence

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This week, we’re excited to feature Deborah Melecio and her amazing business-building story. In our ongoing series of network marketing success stories, Deborah went from being unsure and inconsistent to building a business with passion and purpose while working with Lindsey one-on-one. We’re astounded and in awe of Deborah’s business growth and we’re thrilled she wanted to share her results with you, our readers! Take it away, Deborah…

I had actually signed up through another coach back in July of 2013, mainly for the product discount. I wasn’t really into being a “coach” since I had a full time job as a teacher, I tutored and I needed the time to take care of my children. I didn’t have any time for anything else. However, it was summer and since I was on break as a teacher, I figured I could try making Beachbody my business and if nothing else could save money on my Shakeology purchases.

I ran some 12 day challenges here and there but was inconsistent. My sponsor did try to teach me about the business and get me motivated but I just wasn’t into it. I didn’t fully understand the business and didn’t feel like my questions about it were answered.

Eventually, my sponsor decided to leave the business for a different opportunity and Lindsey and I were connected. In the months prior I made some money here and there but nothing substantial as I still wasn’t really focused or taking it seriously.

All About Timing

After having my third child and wanting to stay home from teaching for the year, I decided to really dive into some trainings. Although I had already done the coach basics training, Lindsey recommended I do it again. I really paid attention this time and actually implemented what I was being taught. She was never pushy, just very inspiring and motivating. She made me feel important and showed me how much she actually cared. We connected right away.

At this point I was ready to see where it would take me. I needed to lose 35 lbs and was contemplating staying home to care for my children. In addition, I really wanted to prove to others that I can be successful here too. On top of that, my team provided so many new opportunities for training that I was able to take advantage of. Finally, seeing the success Lindsey has had in such a short time has shown me that anything is possible.

The Tipping Point

I focused on working on my own fitness goals, so that was the best experience in it all. As I shared my results, my business started to see more growth. It wasn’t easy… it still isn’t. I would stay up late at night watching training videos, reading books and trying my best to learn as much as possible. I made so many new friends, have the support of this new community and really have enjoyed being a part of something positive.

I was always afraid of posting on social media and what others would think. I was the girl who questioned why people posted pictures of themselves. As my confidence grew, I became that selfie girl; sharing my life and myself on social media. My attitude and mindset changed so much from working with Lindsey and my confidence in myself and the programs were through the roof.

The Ultimate Takeaways

Lindsey taught me so many things that I never really cared about before. She taught me how to slow down, to appreciate and to be grateful for all that I had. She taught me how to express those feelings and use them to live a more positive life. I am not a shy person at all, but on social media I totally was. I’m now coming out of my shell and learning to share my ups and downs. Lindsey helped me change my outlook on life and my mindset. The support and accountability have been tremendously important.

Finally, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Lindsey. Although we have yet to meet in person, we’ve forged a strong bond. I probably speak with her – whether it be on messenger, phone or through a messenger voice – more than I speak with some of my best friends. She is a wonderful leader, a great mentor and truly genuine.

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