You know you want more out of life. You’ve got ambition, the guts and drive to make whatever you want work. You see the possibilities, taste the freedom and know in your heart that venturing out on your own – doing something you love – is the next logical step.

But there’s a little voice holding you back.

Problem #1: You don’t believe networking marketing would work for you

You hear of other people’s success, but when it boils down to it, you have a wild mistrust for the process. And to be honest, you have no idea even what network marketing is.

Problem #2: You’re bad at ‘selling’

Selling is so sleazy, and you have firsthand experience with a friend (or family member) who’s been a little too pushy in the past when it came to their own MLM company. That is sooooo not you!

Problem #3: You’re afraid of what others will think

Network marketing? Here come the pitchforks and bonfires! How am I supposed to sell something I love when other people think so badly of the business model?

What if you accomplished everything you have always dreamed about because you said YES today?

My Gift to You

Freedom – financial, geographic and mental
Peace of mind
Exhilaration in doing something they love


I want to give you the tools to success, the action plan to launch your business the right way – the first time – and the accountability and mentorship you deserve.

Join my team and gain access to a proven success system that has created multiple six-figure earners and many part time incomes that are paying off debt, mortgages, child care costs and other things that were once challenging to fit into the budget.

“My success story is tied to yours. I only create income for myself if you are earning income as well. I’m invested in you and your dreams and goals.”

If you could imagine me a few years ago, I’m sure you’d do a double-take. As a former Director of Finance and Wall Street Executive, I was well on my way to a lucrative position as a Vice President in the company I worked for. I gave that all up – the elusive 9 to 5 security – for my greatest passion: healthy living. (You can read even more on my About Page)

As a Fitness + Lifestyle Coach I now make seven times what I would have made if I had stayed in corporate.

The Mentorship Advantage

Our team is like a family, a sisterhood. You will be meeting women from all over the country who want to learn, grow, and share with you as we all get fitter and financially free. We never leave anyone behind, if you are trying, we will work as much as we can to help you.

You’ll join a long-standing profitable and upstanding company, build a business you love, get fit and feel fabulous, build an income that supports your wildest dreams AND get the proven success tips and foundation to get you started on the right path from the very beginning.


I promise to:

  • Create clarity in the business building process
  • Compliment and encourage you to keep on track
  • Help brainstorm new and creative ideas for getting your message out there
  • Listen and offer support 24/7

As your mentor you’ll gain access to:

  • My personal coaching
  • A system that has successfully created multiple five and six-figure coaches
  • A product line that has a proven track record for success
  • The advantage over other new business owners by aligning with a successful team
  • A family + support system like none other!


This Girl Ranks in My Top 5 List of People Who Know What To Do & How To Teach It

“I have been involved in network marketing for over 30 years and in that time I have been a corporate employee, a freelance consultant and now for the past 7 years as distributor. In that time I have met a number of successful and savvy people in this profession. Then I met Lindsey and I can tell you that this girl ranks in my top 5 list of people who know what to do and more importantly how to teach it. I strongly believe that she could be successful with any company and product because she is rock solid in the basics and is always thinking outside the box. Her business and marketing savvy is top shelf and her ability to teach and lead others to success ranks up there with the very best in our profession.” – Kevin Jensen

entrepreneurship_nathan (1)Her Viral Success Shows How It’s Not Just About Her, But Anyone She Associates With!

“Having spent well over a decade working with hundreds -if not thousands- of Network Marketing Professionals in a myriad of specialties I knew that Lindsey was one of a select few who would leave an undeniable impression on everyone around her. She develops systems for duplication that she shares with her team. She focuses on people with love and conviction. She has built her business around values that are overwhelmingly positive and her viral success shows how it is not just about her but anyone she associates with.” – Nathan Farnsworth

If you are curious about creating a life you love through entrepreneurship and empowering others to live a healthy lifestyle, listen to my audio recording about how I got started and how to build a coaching business when you have a super busy lifestyle and then click here to contact me and tell me what you enjoyed most about the recording.
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