Home Design Series: Wow With a Well-Designed Guest Bedroom


This new series shares my design tips and tricks for every room of the house. After multiple compliments on the layout and feel of my home, I wanted to share with you simple and chic ways to update your own home. Enjoy!

There is nothing like welcoming friends or family to your home and nothing says home away from home than a well-decorated and thoughtfully designed guest bedroom. As a frequent traveler, I can attest to just how great it feels to stay in a space that is warm and inviting. When I put together the guest bedroom, I knew I wanted it to be a place people felt comfortable staying in for as long as they needed, while also being aesthetically appealing. If you desire the same you’ll love these guest bedroom design tips!

Warm & Inviting

I don’t always have guests spending the night, but when I do I want them to feel as comfortable as possible. From the linens I’ve chosen to the paint on the walls, I want each aspect of the guest bedroom to be pleasing to all the senses.


An important aspect any guest will appreciate is the attention to detail and creation of space. Having a cluttered room, bad lighting or lack of space for luggage or clothing can be off-putting. Instead, make sure you clean out drawers, shelves and closets prior to guests arriving and keep trinkets to a minimum to avoid cluttering side tables.


Another vital component to any wonderful guest bedroom are the window treatments. Make sure you have options for light sleepers who may need a heavier curtain to block sunlight and noise as well as those who appreciate mid-day light and perhaps a breeze. Windows make any room more inviting when done up well, this can really make or break your room!


Guest Bedroom Design Tips

Whatever your budget you can make your guest bedroom just as fabulous as anyone else’s, you just need to implement a few design tricks and no one will know the difference. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

A Bed Fit For A Queen

High thread-count linens are a must, preferably cotton depending on your climate and geographical location. A good duvet and pillows are also necessary. I would recommend storing a few extra blankets in the closet just in case your guest gets cold easily and of course, always wash and press prior to them arriving for that clean, just washed feel! (Hint: good linens don’t need to be expensive. Head to your local TJ-Maxx or Ross outlet store for good finds at low costs)

Lighting Is Key

A small table lamp will do wonders for night readers and if you are able, avoid harsh overhead lighting at all costs. A bulb change to a lower voltage or soft glow can diminish harsh lighting and shadows, while even a fixture such as a chandelier can add some glam to an otherwise unglamorous space.

Avoid Clutter

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, avoid clutter at all costs! This means less is better on tabletops, on shelves and in the closet. Not only does this create a cleaner space but one that feels more open and inviting to your guests, allowing them to settle in with their luggage for their stay.

Pick Neutral Tones

Blues, greens, browns and even black can work well with lots of white space. Avoid use of bright colors such as yellow, red or pink as they can be irritating to the senses. Bright and loud colors can make any guest slightly uncomfortable so I always opt for a more relaxed palate.

Your turn: love your guest bedroom? Share what makes it special below and inspire other women with your design tips!

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