Girl’s Night Out: 3 Simple Steps to Make it Memorable

girls night out

A girl’s night out is one of my favorite ways to unwind, especially after a particularly stressful or busy week. It’s not always easy to coordinate schedules – especially with friends who are juggling babies, partners and building a business – but it’s shown that hanging out with friends is important for a woman’s state of mind and emotional health. That’s why a weekly or even monthly girl’s night out is essential to your personal and professional growth!

Connection is Key for Women

Where men seem to get the most out of their buddy time by being active, its been reported (and studied) that women benefit the most when they are verbal. Turns out, women thrive on connecting by verbally sharing what’s going on in their lives.

Having a strong tribe of female friends to encourage, support, cheer on and enhance our lives helps us professionally and personally. As we cycle through various stages in life, having this support system is key to all-around great health.

Here are just a few of the ways having female friends benefits your life:

• decreases stress-induced hormones
• reduces inflammation
• increases serotonin (the feel good hormone)
• reduces the likelihood of depression and mood disorders
• sparks creativity, laughter and enjoyment!

By connecting with your female friends to share life’s ups and downs, you are creating an emotionally healthy inner experience that can have long-lasting positive effects!

Organizing A Memorable Girl’s Night Out

A girl’s night doesn’t necessarily need to be at a club, it could mean connecting with friends over a meal, shared experience or special occasion. No matter what you choose to do, make sure it allows for clear communication and above all – a good time!

Tip #1: Pick The Mood

Fun and flirty or low-key and laid-back? These are just some of the moods of the evening you can work with when designing a girl’s night with your besties. Don’t try to force the fun, let it flow and feel into what kind of mood everyone is in.

Tip #2: Put It In The Calendar & Make it a Priority

We all know how busy each of us can be in any given time of the year. That’s why not only inviting but also creating a sense of importance around the night is key! Go as far as creating a calendar invite and sharing it with your gal pals, that way no one will miss out or forget last minute.

Business tends to be an easy excuse to not get together with girlfriends. Throw in more responsibilities or unfinished projects and blowing off a night with the girls doesn’t seem that big a deal. Problem is, the compounding stress takes its toll in unsuspecting ways! You may not feel it this week but a month from now you’ll start to experience a shift in mood the longer you stay away from your best friends. Reminding your girls that these nights are a priority is an important part of everyone’s health!

Tip #3: Dancing, Drinks, Dinner…It’s Up to You!

Get creative and fun with your time together! You could do dinner, drinks and dancing or organize a marathon of your favorite dish-worthy television sitcom with a bottle of wine and snacks. You could go for a daytime hike and have a picnic or organize a Pinterest party. The options are endless!

And finally…

The point is to spend quality time together. Check-in with each other and don’t be afraid to ask how someone is doing. It’s important to blow off steam but equally important to connect on a deeper level.

Your turn: do you and your girls have a favorite night out (or in) habit? Share it in the comments below!

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