Find Your Soul Mate Workout

I believe that a fitness journey has no end point. People often ask me for coaching advice on weight maintenance, and for me, it’s been an identical effort and consistency to my original fitness transformation.

The full transformation! Thank you, PiYo! :)

As women, we all have different goals. Personally, I like to look strong and toned while staying petite as a complement to my body type and frame.  I am always challenging my body in new ways and targeting specific zones so I feel confident when I look in the mirror.  That is when I feel fabulous!

In March 2014 I was identified as a possible candidate by Beachbody Headquarters for a new Elite coach test group for a low impact workout program. At first I was slightly insulted, thinking I was included in the group because I had gained some weight recently, but soon realized that this opportunity was a wink from the universe. In a matter of months my personal life had taken a nose dive and those few extra pounds made me feel less than spectacular.

My body was showing signs of my growing unhappiness and I saw this as a soft nudge to get back on track.

“PiYo helped me to gain the flexibility back that I had when I was younger and did gymnastics. It felt so good to stretch and breathe like that. It didn’t feel like a workout in a tiring way, but got me the best results. I was skeptical at first and didn’t think I could get such great results but wow! My before and afters are crazy. It lifted my spirits every time I did it and started my day off right.” – Jimmy Miranda Fisher

2015-09-17 17.11.52With only five days notice, I teamed up with a friend who was also in the group and decided to go all in, sticking to the meal plan and even going one step further by eliminating wheat. An Italian girl raised on bread and pasta, I wasn’t sure I could do it and on top of that was wary of a low impact program.

I had spent the last few years convinced that high impact aerobic activity was the only way to accomplish my fitness goals and was anything but flexible but knew that consistency and personal integrity were key components to completing any program.

It was week three when I finally started seeing results and in all honesty I was hooked! The progress was slow at first and I questioned the effectiveness, but by that third week the inches started to melt off and by the second month I was seeing definition in every part of my body. It was as if I turned a corner and the weight just started to fall off.

The transformation was phenomenal and if I hadn’t been patient I wouldn’t have seen it.

By Day 60 I was 12 pounds and 10 inches lighter. Thirty days later I had extended the program and reached a total loss of 20 pounds and 20 inches. The results were beyond what I ever imagined!

Never have I felt more confident and healthy, even being considered for Beachbody’s next PiYo infomercial. It’s an honor to be seen as a success in the eyes of my company, but more importantly, the way I feel after finishing the program forever changed my outlook on what fitness could mean for me.

“After returning from a shoulder injury, PiYo was a life saver. It gave me mobility, strength and the only program my doctor and physical therapists approved. It brought me back. I’ll get certified this July because I want to share it with others!” – Jennifer Powell

Where I once swore that high-impact aerobics was the only way, I have found a new, more in-tune way to connect with my body and keep me healthy. I no longer hide that little bit of pudge under ruched tops and flowing dresses. I am dating with confidence and truly empowered by the body that’s reflected back to me in the mirror every morning.

The ultimate gift has been my self-confidence soaring.


Is it time to find YOUR soulmate workout? Well, let me be your CUPID and let’s get started here.

“PiYo gave me my flexibility and through that it improved my strength! I am not one who typically sweat’s a whole lot during a work out but I sweat a ton with this, which to me, feel’s great. I also love working out along with Chalene, her energy is contagious and it helps set me up for a great, productive day!” – Samantha Pompa

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