Celebrity Spotlight: Missy Elliott & T25


Many people think you need a full-time personal trainer to get in shape like today’s celebs.  Celebrity Spotlight is a feature where we highlight how celebrities use the same Beachbody programs that you can access in order to stay in top shape!



Rapper Missy Elliott has been making a comeback, and she has been getting in shape to boot!  Diagnosed with autoimmune disorder Graves’ disease years ago, Elliott uses diet and exercise to help minimize the effects of her condition.


Now, at age 43, she is rocking out to Shaun T’s Insanity and T25 workouts, and she’s made a noticeable 30-pound weight loss transformation!


When people asked about her fitness secret, she was quick to respond on Twitter about the workouts.



I lost 30 eating healthy/work out to @shauntfitness T25 videos,” she tweeted, “I do insanity workout to @shauntfitness videos. Sweets/bread/ fried foods is my weakness it’s not easy but health comes 1st:).”



Sounds like Missy knows how to WORK IT and stay fit into her 40s.  No wonder she’s still a rapping role model for so many fans!


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