About Lindsey

Have you ever made a leap of faith?

I believe…

  • In second chances in both love and life
  • The power of women to support one another
  • Travel (the medicine of the soul!)

aboutpage_lindsey-smallThat’s what I did, just a few years ago, when I uprooted my life in New England and left my beloved home state of Connecticut. Little did I know that move would spark the adventure of a lifetime, from the historic Southern charm of Savannah, Georgia, to the cowboy boots and honkytonks of Nashville, Tennessee… and most recently, a full circle journey back to New England and its most charming seaside town: Newport, Rhode Island.

Hello, I’m Lindsey and this is my story. I’m passionate about being (and feeling!) fit, empowering female entrepreneurs, and seeing and experiencing the world. There’s nothing more I love than to encourage and inspire you to live a life of freedom, teach you how to take your skills outside the 9-5 rat race… and to start living your dream life!

So how did I get here?

If you could imagine me a few years ago, I’m sure you’d do a double-take. As a former Director of Finance, I was well on my way to a lucrative position as a Vice President in the company I worked for. I gave that all up – the elusive 9 to 5 security – for my greatest passion: healthy living.

Professional Experience:

  • MBA from a Top 20 school
  • Certified PiYo Instructor
  • Accomplished corporate executive
  • Model

During my time in Savannah, I was attending a high profile event on the magical island of Maui, which prompted me to get my diet and fitness in check and start really working toward a new and healthy lifestyle.


Since I haven’t always been an accomplished Beachbody coach, finding a training program to achieve my ideal fitness level was definitely on my pre-Maui checklist. While I considered many different programs, I ultimately chose the 90-day program P90x. Let me tell you, that was the second-wisest decision I have ever made (the number one being to take the step toward a healthy and fit lifestyle, of course!). After the program worked wonders on my fitness level and my overall confidence, I knew that becoming a Beachbody coach was right for me. When I returned from Maui, I went straight to work on building my new career, and I haven’t looked back.

As a Fitness + Lifestyle Coach I now make seven times what I would have made if I had stayed in corporate.

Today, I coach and mentor entrepreneurs who desire that same level of professional success, while empowering women (both locally and internationally) to take the actionable steps required to live the life of their dreams.

I’ve designed my purpose-driven company to give back…

  • 1% of all sales is donated to non-profits helping child obesity, female entrepreneurs in developing countries, as well as local based charities
  • Employees receive paid time off to volunteer in their local community for charities they are passionate about
  • Mentorship and hours of pro-bono services for local based charities around women’s needs: helping women get back on their feet, gain skills in the marketplace, find adequate shelter and food, and regain their confidence.

Today, I’m blessed to have become not only a successful Beachbody Coach, but also a Lifestyle Coach and Mentor who works from her girlboss home office in between world travels. I love the liberty and empowerment of running my own business.

In addition to being a healthy living mentor and personal motivator, I am in love with luxury travel, learning to cook and sitting in coffee shops for hours with a good book and a cup of java. I have an eye for fashion and decor, and my personal style was dubbed “Most Stylish in Savannah” by the Savannah Morning News.

I aspire to never miss an opportunity to support others along their fitness journeys and I believe in being thankful for the many blessings in life. I do not let a day end without writing in my gratitude journal, telling my friends and family that I love them, and reminding at least one fitness client that I believe in her.

To learn more about my PiYo transformation and journey (I lost 20 pounds and 20 inches!), click here.

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