8 Surprising Spring Style 2016 Trends You Might Want to Try

spring style 2016 trends

I usually go for effortless, down-to-earth and classic when coordinating my daily outfits, but this year I’ve been noticing some daring – and slightly risqué – spring style 2016 trends I was not expecting yet really want to try. Whether or not I include them in my own wardrobe, I wanted to share with you what’s been seen on runways all over the world this spring.

8 Spring Style 2016 Trends Happening Now

Trend #1: Jumpers

I’m having flashbacks of 90’s elementary school attire with denim jumpers from Oshkosh B’gosh, yet it seems jumpers are all the rage these days for grown women. With a blouse for working at the office or a chic tank for days at the cafe jumpers have me feel young and rebellious. Paired with the chunky heels and you can really make a statement!

Trend #2: Dress Over Pants

Slipping on your favorite boho summer dress just became much easier now that wearing pants underneath is fashion-friendly. A really cute idea for those cool summer evenings watching movies in the park, pairing your favorite jeans with a flouncy dress instead of top could be cute if played correctly. Paired with heels and you have a very adorable date night outfit!

Trend #3: Bra Tops

It’s summer after all, so why not bare more skin when the temperatures rise? Bra tops under button-up tops or alone with high-waisted jeans are slightly more risque but very acceptable in cities across the country this season. Paired with a daring clutch and you’ve got the perfect girl’s night out ensemble!

Trend #4: Off-The-Shoulder

From tops to dresses, it’s all about showing those sexy shoulders this summer. This trend is perfect for anyone who’s been working hard all winter to get beach body ready and easy to accomplish since off-the-shoulder styles can be found just about anywhere!

Trend #5: Pleats

Feminine yet professional, pleats have been seen on anything from tops to skirts to heels this season. A great way to take an outfit from work to happy hour while still feeling fresh and feminine, pleats are no longer a grandmother’s staple. Pair a pleated skirt with sexy heels and a satin blouse for dinner and drinks to feel fabulous!

Trend #6: Flats Go Formal
We all know how much I love my heels, yet it seems sexy and refined flats are making a serious dent at formal events this season. From embellished sandals to low-heel options, flats aren’t just for lounging. Paired with a semi-formal summer dress for weddings or birthdays make fashion and comfort finally look chic!

Trend #7: Bomber Jackets

Take about the ultimate summer staple! A bomber jacket is so, so cool and perfect for pairing with dresses, summer tops over shorts or jeans and even that elusive jumper. A great jacket for cool evenings or catching an indoor movie, a bomber jacket is my new summer crush!

Trend #8: Slip Dresses

My mind immediately goes to Carrie Bradshaw in one of her many classic slip dresses in Sex And The City! Done correctly slip dresses can be sexy or boho, casual or formal. Paired with the right accessories and properly fitting (because let’s be honest, they will show every curve!) you’ll feel oh-so-feminine and ultra sultry in a satin slip dress.

And Don’t Forget…

These may be the latest fashion trends, but style is what YOU make it. It’s fun to try on new trends but don’t feel the need to try them all if they just don’t fit into your personal style routine. As we all know, fashion is short-lived but style is forever.

Your Turn: what spring style trend are you adding into your fashion routine? Share what you dare to try below!

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