5 Ways to Apply Faith for Rapid Success

faith for rapid success

Napoleon Hill and Bob Proctor are by far some of the most influential and important personal development mentors in America’s history. Both have greatly influenced my success and each has affirmed the power in simple, daily, and subconscious programming that makes dreams become reality. This week I want to share with you one of their principles that has greatly influenced my success: faith.

I’m not talking about religious faith (though that is very important in my life as well). What I’m referring to is the inherent faith at my core that tells me I will succeed against all odds. It’s the little voice that keeps me going in the face of defeat. It’s the determination and willpower when I want to give up. It’s that faith that has kept me returning to my business, day after day.

“Faith is the ability to see what is invisible, to believe in the incredible and permit you to receive what others call impossible.” – Bob Proctor

So what is faith, then? According to Proctor and Hill it is an emotion, intentional and action-orientated. Blind faith will not do. In fact, blind faith is by far the worst kind of faith to have according to many successful entrepreneurs and CEOs. The problem with blind faith is that it does not last. It’s fleeting and superficial at best.

The most common definition of faith among the successful is part purpose and part action. By aligning with your life’s purpose, inspiring you to be in action toward what it is you want to create and make real, you call forth faith. This faith helps attract to you what you need to manifest what all that you desire in life.

A lot of people ask me if visualizing their future while being in the emotion of faith is beneficial. It is, but there is much more to it. Faith without action is simply daydreaming (according to Hill) and the key to successfully implementing faith in your life is applying it! It all boils down to action, action, and more action.

5 Ways to Apply Faith for Rapid Success

#1 Remove Negativity

With social media as a way of life now, it’s difficult to not compare yourself to others. From Instagram to Facebook, images and posts about other people’s successes can be disheartening. I always recommend to new coaches that when they are on social media, to only focus on their feeds. In what ways can YOU provide mentoring? Inspiration? Connection?

There is only one of you, so relish in it! While some people may find other coaches or fitness professionals inspiring, others might not. They might be looking for someone just like you this very moment! Avoiding gossiping, jealousy and greedy behavior helps your business flourish and your light shine.

#2 Visualize With Emotion

You know how much I love visualization! Using applied faith to fuel your daily visualization practice helps cement in your subconscious the reality that you are creating. When scanning your visualization board, call forth your internal faith to power and enhance each image.

Adding emotion to your visualization amps up the energy and allows faster results – guaranteed!

#3 Connect with Like-Minded Individuals

Who you surround yourself with will make or break your future success. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people, all using similar techniques and applied faith toward their dreams, keeps you in good company and spirits.

Allowing yourself to be swayed by negativity or pessimism weakens your faith muscle. Doubt and fear creep in, which naturally kill any chance of your subconscious creating that which is yet unseen but is imagined. Guarding your time and space from people who bring you down is essential for long-term growth.

#4 Search for the Silver Lining

Defeat is a choice. Faith can always find a silver lining, even in the worst of circumstances (trust me, I know!). Even when everything seems to be against you, faith still manages to turn things around.

So many new coaches come to me feeling defeated when they hit roadblocks along the way. Hearing no, getting rejected, feeling like a failure… these are all normal aspects of running a business! But that doesn’t mean you are defeated. So many give up too soon, not allowing faith to do its job. Don’t be one of them!

#5 Daily Affirmations or Prayers

Affirming your purpose, desires and intentions daily is another important aspect to your success. Repetition programs the unconscious mind and allows faith to form. By repeating daily your goals, desires and affirmations (or prayers), you can bet that faith will have a greater chance to work.

And finally…

Faith in the unseen, and in your dreams, is the greatest gift of all. Faith propels love, peace and forgiveness. It innovates and designs. It brings us new technology and greater well-being. The faith you have in yourself is the greatest gift you’ve been given in this lifetime.

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