5 Simple Habits for Staying Motivated

staying motivated

I would never call myself lazy, but I can say there are some days where I feel less than inspired to get just about anything done. When I’m not in the mood to meal prep, workout, follow up with new clients or speak to potential customers, my overall quality of life suffers. Now don’t get me wrong – a few lazy days can do a woman like me wonders – but putting important to-dos on the back-burner on a regular basis hinders more than helps me. Staying motivated is essential to anyone looking to reach health, fitness or business goals!

So what do you do when you feel less than motivated and know you need to get moving?

Avoid Laziness

Taking a day off is an important part of anyone’s progress. Whether you’re on a new fitness routine, eating plan or building your business it’s imperative you shut down and unplug a few times per week to keep you balanced and sane. Expending all your energy into work or passion projects doesn’t help anyone, especially you!

That being said, if you notice yourself taking more than your normal time off and sense you’ve become a little too lazy read on. Laziness – and even procrastination – can lead to a downward spiral of getting nothing done. It thwarts your success, your dreams and those big goals you make for yourself.

When I’m hitting the snooze button one too many times or simply stop following up with new leads as diligently as I usually do, I know something isn’t right. Actions like that cost me considerable income and peace of mind. Missing workouts, gaining a few extra pounds, slacking on my meal plan and not running my business efficiently creates chaos in all areas of my life. It shows up in a smaller bank balance, less vitality, emotional mood swings and even disturbed sleep.

Once I catch myself making decisions that don’t feed my dreams and goals, I quickly change direction with a few feel-good habits I’ve created over the years. These simple solutions trigger a domino effect of internal and external thoughts and actions that get me back on track in little time.

5 Simple Habits for Staying Motivated

1. Be Kind

It’s so easy to beat ourselves up over not doing something, yet it gets us nowhere! Sure it’s easy to be negative and reinforce less than awesome internal talk about ourselves but this mentality is by far the worst thing for your long-term success no matter what you’re working on. Practicing kindness to myself – just as I would with any of my dearest friends or family – gets me back on track much faster than berating myself.

2. Start Somewhere & Keep It Small

Once you’ve stopped your regular routine it’s always a lot harder to get back on it! I know many of you can relate, especially when it comes to fitness. Once you stop working out on a regular basis it becomes a lot easier to skip the sweat session. When I need to get motivated, I like to make a to-do list of what needs to be done and pick the easiest step to start with. As we all know, getting started is the hardest part but once you do the momentum will build and you’ll back in the swing of things in no time!

3. Incorporate Downtime into Your Day

A lot of us will be hard on ourselves for getting off course and instead of easing back into our routine we’ll push too hard and too fast, often resulting in a burnout just a week later. Instead of going all out with whatever you have on your plate, why not ease back into your routines with a little downtime scheduled into your activities? For example, you could work for 50 minutes and then rest for ten.

4. Revisit Your Long-Term Vision

If you’ve followed my advice on creating a vision board, then it’s time to revisit what you’ve envisioned! Take a few extra minutes each day to look at your vision board and then, closing your eyes, really feel into what it is you are working towards. By focusing on the outcomes of your hard work you’ll feel renewed and excited to get back at it!

5. Schedule A Meeting with Your Mentor or Accountability Partner

It’s so important to be in communication with a trusted mentor or colleague when you aren’t feeling as energized to get things done. Same could be said for keeping consistent with a workout routine or eating plan. Having an accountability partner is one of the greatest ways to reach your health goals and one of the many reasons I host group challenges. Accountability – no matter who it comes from – is essential for getting and staying motivated!

Your Turn: What do you do to stay motivated and on track? Share in the comments below!

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